Image-Based Backup

This tutorial illustrates how to use the Backup Wizard for backing up your disk images with a Windows version of CloudBerry Backup. This wizard enables you to save and re-use the configured backup plans.

Running the Backup Wizard

After launching CloudBerry Backup, you can run the Backup Wizard by clicking the Image Based button ****on the *Home* tab of the application's main toolbar.

Using the Backup Wizard

The Backup Wizard provides the following pages for backing up your image-based data:

Backing Up BitLocker-Encrypted Volumes

When you need to back up a BitLocker-encrypted disk volume, you first need to unlock a BitLocker-encrypted drive to be able to back it up.

When creating an image-based backup, the Backup Wizard provides the "Keep BitLocker" option:

  • When this option is enabled, the drive is backed up as is, with BitLocker encryption preserved. As a result, you will not be able to restore individual files from an encrypted volume afterwards. BitLocker encryption will be preserved for a disk image restored from such a backup.
  • When this option is disabled, the backup service will decrypt the volume contents during the backup processing. A disk volume copy restored from this backup will not be encrypted as a result. This enables you to restore individual files from an unencrypted image-based backup.

BitLocker encryption is not preserved when backing up individual files and folders.

CloudBerry Backup does not currently support restoring data from encrypted Azure disks.