Step 10 - Schedule a Full Backup

This page is displayed if you enabled block-level backup previously in this wizard. On this page, you can specify the schedule for automatic running of a full backup.

As opposed to a full backup which uploads a complete copy of each file to a storage, a block-level backup uploads the full copy of your data only during the first execution of the backup plan by default.

We strongly recommend that you specify a schedule for automatic running of a full backup on this wizard page to ensure that the older versions of your files are always available in a storage that uses a block-level backup.

In addition, you can make the backup service interrupt a backup process if it runs for too long by enabling a corresponding option on this wizard page.

When enabling this feature, please be informed that CloudBerry Backup is unable to predict the backup time which may vary depending on a variety of factors, and premature termination of a backup process may result in getting the backup data corrupted.

See the following articles online to learn more about the difference between the full and block-level backups:

You can manually force a full backup at any time by clicking the corresponding command under the backup plan entry on the Backup Plans tab of your application.

Enable Synthetic Full Backup

When choosing Amazon S3 as your target storage and enabling block-level backup previously in this wizard, you can enable a synthetic full backup on this wizard page.

A synthetic full backup is a combination of a full and incremental (block-level) backups. As opposed to a full backup, a synthetic full backup does not upload a full version to the target storage with each backup. Instead, it assembles a new revision directly in the target storage by combining already existing blocks from previous revisions with newly uploaded blocks. This enables you to upload less data to the target storage and speed up the upload process.

You can enable a full synthetic backup without scheduling a full backup (see the previous section of this document to learn how to manually force a full backup).

With this option enabled, the first run of your backup plan will automatically force a full backup (synthetic backups will be executed during subsequent runs of this backup plan).