Licenses and Activation

The first major section of CloudBerry Central is Licenses and Activations. On the Licenses tab, you can manage licenses of all your CloudBerry products.

Upon first login, you should notice that all your licenses are automatically displayed on the dashboard. If you’re missing any licenses, it means they have been purchased using an email address that is different from your CloudBerry Central login. In that case, you need to manually attach them.

Attaching Licenses

Click Attach Licenses.

Now you should see a pop-up window. To complete the process, you need to go through 2 steps. Carefully read the instructions written in blue, and then proceed to Step 1: getting your confirmation code. Do so by filling in your Purchase ID or your License Key. Click Get Confirmation Code.

As soon as you receive the email with the code, proceed to Step 2 . Click Attach Licenses button again, paste the code into the appropriate text field, and then click Attach.

To avoid going through that process in the future, it is essential that you use the same email address to purchase licenses and log in to CloudBerry Central.

Perhaps one other reason you don’t see your licenses is that you haven’t purchased any!

Purchasing Licenses

On the main dashboard there is a green button that takes you to our store, where you can purchase licenses and get to know our pricing policy.

Managing Licenses

The main dashboard of CloudBerry Central contains all the important information regarding your licenses. The screenshot below breaks down all features that cover license management.

  1. License Status. It could be either “Activated” (green key) or “Not activated” (red key). Note that “Not activated” does not mean “expired”. It just means that you’ve purchased a license, but haven’t activated it on any of your computers.
  2. Maintenance Till . Shows you the date when your maintenance expires.
  3. License Key . Shows your License Keys. Truly convenient if you need to activate a license on you machine. No need to search through your emails or put your license keys in some note-taking app. Just go to CloudBerry Central and access them whenever you need.
  4. Allow RM . Allows you to enable Remote Management on your machines. Works only on CloudBerry Backup version 5.2 and higher.
  5. Download button . If you need to download the latest version of our backup solutions (according to your license) – you can do so by pressing the little green download button to the right of the dashboard. You will then start downloading the exact version of the software you need.
  6. Info button . Gives you a summary for a particular license:

Also available on the main dashboard is the ability to search through your licenses and sort them by various attributes:

The second tab in this section is Activations. Here you can take a look at all your current active licenses, as well as perform offline activations.

If you experience any issues with regard to attaching, purchasing, or managing your licenses — feel free to drop us a line at