Track Local Deletes in Backup Storage


Starting from version 5.9, CloudBerry Backup provides a feature of tracking files that have been deleted locally. If you intentionally or accidentally delete some files from your local drives, backup copies of these files may be retained in a cloud storage (based on your retention settings), unless you instruct CloudBerry Backup to remove these locally deleted files from cloud storage. Retention of deleted files can cause difficulties in case of restoring to a different location.

Enable Tracking Local Deletes

To Enable the Track local file deletes in backup storage Option

  1. Open the backup plan you want the tracking local deletes option to be applied.
  2. Follow the backup wizard to the Advanced Options step.
  3. Select the Track local file deletes in backup storage check box.

  1. Finish the backup wizard step to save changes.

Disable Deleted Files Restore

The feature detects deleted objects in cloud storage which enables to avoid deleted files restore, regardless of restore run location.

  1. Open the restore plan you want the
  2. Follow the restore wizard to the Destination step.
  3. Deselect the Restore Deleted Files check box.

  1. Finish the restore wizard step to save changes.

Once a restore plan is executed, previously deleted objects will not be restored.